Avery Neo Noir Black PPF


Roll is 60in wide and quantity determines length in feet. 100ft in a full roll.

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Avery Dennison neo noir is a distinctive, wet apply, solid color line of paint protection films with a unique polyurethane and adhesive technology that gives vehicles an OEM-paint-like finish. neo noir is a solid black film with noticeable color depth and a rich black pigment. Stand Out with special accents that transform a roof and a hood with this 3D conformable hybrid film. Protect factory paint from stone chips and road debris while adding artistic touches to any vehicle.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 62 × 7 × 7 in
Roll Size

60in x 1ft, 60in x 2ft, 60in x 3ft, 60in x 4ft, 60in x 5ft, 60in x 6ft, 60in x 7ft, 60in x 8ft, 60in x 9ft, 60in x 10ft, 60in x 11ft, 60in x 12ft, 60in x 13ft, 60in x 14ft, 60in x 15ft, 60in x 16ft, 60in x 17ft, 60in x 18ft, 60in x 19ft, 60in x 20ft, 60in x 21ft, 60in x 22ft, 60in x 23ft, 60in x 24ft, 60in x 25ft, 60in x 30ft, 60in x 35ft, 60in x 40ft, 60in x 45ft, 60in x 50ft, 60in x 55ft, 60in x 75ft